Our Mission is to supply RELIABLE quality pipes & tubes at affordable cost to cater the needs of nation.

Our Goal is to emerge as market leader by preserving the confidence of our valued customers.

We shall endeavor to continually improve through group efforts.

We are committed to develop, implement and maintain an effictive Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001 : 2008 Standard.

Quality Assurance Plan
Sr.No. Process Operation Quality Characteristics Tricon steel & alloys hod Of Control
1 Raw Material (Strip) 1> Dimensions
2> Chemical analysis
3> Control of Slit which within specified limits
4> Surface
Actual measurement as per Std.
Analysis of all elements as per Std
Testing as per various Std.
Measurement of width, thickness & recording visual inspection.
2 Tube Mill (GTAW Type) 1> Weld Test, Flare Flanges, Flattering Reverse Bend & Reverse Flattening.
2> Inspection of weld, seam
3> Dimensions
4> Surface
Testing as per ASTM specification & recording the result. One test for every 30 to 35 mtrs. Visual inspection weld zone. O.D. , thickness & length.
Check roller surface profile& finish.
3 Solutions Annealing (At Min. 1040 C)
With continuous water quenching.
1> Temperature
2> Hardness
3> Micro Tricon steel & alloys er
Automatic Relay Temp / Controller Adjusted to present level. Measurement of hardness as per Std. one Test / Lot / Heat
4 Straightening Straightness OD Surface Finish Adjust roller setting measure visual
5 Cutting Square cut Length Right angle to length, visual
6 Deburing Burs removel On OD and ID edges Visual
7 Chemical Treatment
a) Pickling
b) Passivation
c) Bath
One Test / Bath Day
One Test / Bath Day
8 Hydrostatic Pressure Test Test Pressure 100 % Inspection at test pressure specified as per ASTM Std.
9 Final Inspection IGC Test Dimensions Surface Physical Testing
Grade Check
Product Analysis
As per standard 100 % inspection of dimensions as specified.
Visual Inspection for surface defects, physical testing and chemical analysis as per ASTM standards.
10 Marketing Marking as per Std. Check for proper marking
11 Packing Seaworphy Packing / Wooden Cart Check for Packing, Quantity, Shipping Mark
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